February 25, 2005

The Euroland Budget

There is a three week window to finalise the next EU budget, though perhaps it would be a good start to get the current budget to add up, doing something about the rampant fraud would be a good idea as well. The countries with large economies don't want to pay more but the Commision says "you cannot have more Europe with less money", but what if you want less 'Europe'? Germany appears to be willing to pay more, well they've been paying for everything since the EU was counded so no change there, in exchange for a release form the Growth and Stability [suicide] Pact.

Other news on the EU is that they are now planning to harmonise driving licences. Why? Waht has this to do with a free trade area? My licence is valid anywhere in Europe anyway. The reason is in the article "They will be also beneficial for fighting fraud, by creating a legal security system network in Europe", so it's the beginnings of a pan-european ID card, exactly the same way that New Labour is pushing ID cards on this country first through driving licences.


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